Sunshine Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. The parent company has been in China for ten years. It is a private high-tech enterprise. Its main business is software development, home security engineering and other projects. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating product operation, R & D, engineering technology (design, installation, commissioning) and after-sales service

Focus on high specifications of the digital industry

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To create the future
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Focus on high specifications of the digital industry, so that innovation is closer to us

Financial hedge arbitrage automation program is one of the company's main information products. Our team is developing software for foreign exchange market, CFD and cryptocurrency market. Our software combines the largest liquidity provider market data at present. It is the unique development of our experts. It is specially developed for arbitrage transactions. There are many foreign exchange arbitrage tools developed by Sunshine Technology which could also be used for CFD and cryptocurrency to assist your trading. It is one of the few companies that directly provide fast data sources from the exchange. As a result, our customers receive the fastest, most reliable and most accurate market data. Many professional traders rely on our software in arbitrage trading.